These web sites have grown out of a perceived need for more educational information on measurement devices of all kinds and their uses.

It all started as a private supplement the Industrial Temperature Measurement course that Ray Peacock developed and periodically taught for The ISA, The International Systems and Automation Society.

The company grew out of the web site and its remarkable ability to communicate with people world-wide.

Ray knew when he started on his own in 1996 as a part-time effort, that there was a great deal of information on the Web, but it was (and still is) of varying quality, widely scattered and difficult for someone unfamiliar with the material to evaluate.

Rather than rewriting the “good stuff” all that was needed, he reasoned, was to find it and index it along with some content to put items in an understandable and useful context.

He started with the free Web space he had on his personal Internet account at the time, Netcom, to collect, vet and organize the information available.

Even in 1996, there was a huge amount “good” information on the Web. Over the past eleven years, it has grown like Jack’s proverbial beanstalk, upward and further upward. Hits on the Web site have grown, too, as the Web has grown.

At the end of 2006, they and the related websites in the media group had hits well in excess of 500,000 per month, with more than 200,000 page views /month and 100,000 unique visitors / month.

Visitors come from all over the world; more than 130 countries at last count.

Needless to say, this high, focused hit rate is a magnet for company advertisements, but has adopted a (sane?) approach to advertising, not allowing any pop-up ads, rotating  signs to distract people from their primary learning goals in accessing the site.

The vendor pages, a uniquely organized set of directories of suppliers and services, just grew naturally out of that design.

Ray Peacock, or more precisely, G. Raymond Peacock, is an Industrial Physicist. He was, prior to the founding of, Inc. in August 2001, the staff temperature sensor specialist for LTV Steel Company at their Technology Center in Independence, Ohio, USA.

His more complete profile is on another web page, but in brief, he has years of experience with infrared and contact temperature sensors, their applications and other measuring devices, especially in industry. In addition, his technical background includes heat transfer, thermal modeling, measurement device control and QA methodology.

He also has a unique business background having occupied several key management positions at Land Instruments, Inc. (now a part of Ametek, Inc.) in the USA including five years as General Manager.

He also has three very smart sons who have helped and encouraged him to grow and manage the technologies behind these websites. They all have excellent careers involving the Web, website design and programming.

A suggestion in 1996 by son Michael to “learn html” turned into a whole new career!