About Temperature & Moisture Sensors is an educational resource for students at nearly every level because the material covers concepts ranging from the simplest ones in engineering, heat and thermodynamics through advanced applications involving complex physics and mathematics.

This breadth and depth of coverage is possible only through a Web or computer-based presentation using hyperlinks.

Such an approach is not yet possible in an ordinary publication nor is it provided in school and university curricula. The availability of free, detailed technical material on the Web is amazing and promises to enable this to continue as long as the Web includes free access to such resources.

The Web site has been developed by an Industrial Physicist with many years of temperature measurement and temperature sensor application and marketing experience who has taught at university and secondary school levels and who considers himself a life-long student. His profile is provided on a Linkedin webpage at Linkedin.com/in/raypeacock.

Temperatures.com, Inc. is the organization formed in August 2001 to support the growing business created by the web site About Temperature & Moisture Sensors and to develop and maintain the web site and related activities.

The Goals of Temperatures.com, Inc.

1. To assist scientists, engineers, technicians and students to learn to effectively select and use temperature sensors competently through the Web site, listed consulting services and training program providers.

2. To provide objective Web access to the suppliers of temperature sensors, books and calibration and training services via the Vendor links on several pages of the Web sites. It is the support of these suppliers through advertising and free technical information that make it possible to continue the web site as a free resource for you.

3. To actively promote the interchange of information among researchers, developers and users of temperature sensors through, and encourage participation in, related professional societies such as AIST, ISA, ASTM, NCSLI and ThermoSense.

Key activities of these and other professional organizations are reported through the Web site, through such features as calls for papers and meeting announcements. An eNewsletter entitled TemperatureSensorNews was published monthly for about two years.

It was replaced by www.TempSensor.net with more frequent news and has been recently (2007) reborn as TempSensorNEWS.com, a stand-alone website. It offers online interactivity plus an RSS Newsfeed. Back issues of the Newsletter are archived there, and on About Temperature Sensors

4. To support the development, and promote the awareness of temperature sensor standards, measurement standards and education through such technical groups as ASTM, ASNT, ASQC, CORM and NCSLI. Most of the North American Temperature Sensor and some overseas standards are already listed on the Standards page of the Web site.

5. To be the preferred online resource for those wishing to make competent temperature measurements, that is, measurements with traceable calibration, acceptable uncertainties and quantified confidence levels. As one knows, or will learn, measurements without such qualifications are dubious and of little value in any effort to truely understand their significance.

6. To broaden coverage and resources to include other measurement technologies and variables. In 2004, MeasurementDevices.com was reformated from a simple collection of web pages, started in 1998, to a full-fledged, news and resource website, much in the model of TempSensor.net.

We saw the possibilities of such expansion way back in 1998, but set the original website up as just a place-holder until we had the time and ability to do more.

More became much more in 2006 when we split MeasurementDevices.com still finer into measureNEWS.com, MeasurementMedia, Measurement Databases and created MeasurementBlog.