It, too, is free and you may submit your PR and related news stories, Calls for Papers, Meeting announcements there.

There is no requirement to register to submit a story – just click on the ‘Submit News” link and follow the directions!

We think we can minimize spam in another way there, especially since every submission is reviewed by a human being.

We are especially interested in the existence of technical information, white papers and tutorials that many companies place on their websites. We are developing similar resources on another site, for other measurement devices.

Please feel free to highlight them by adding a link, with description to them. You may add them as links using some of the categories we have defined. You may recommend new categories, too.

We have been searching for years and found many. Many are linked on our educational website, About Temperature Sensors, but many more are here . We know we miss some, too, that’s why you are encouraged to add your info as a link here.

Many great resources on the Web are like light hidden under a basket, buried in the depths of a seldom-visited website. Tell us about them and you will be telling the largest, user community of temperature sensor users, your target audience. And it’s free!

Your website may become a little more visited if you do because we do not intend to reproduce anything that already exists, merely log it and point a link to it.

About Temperature & Moisture Sensors is a unique, free internet information and educational Web site aimed directly at Engineers, Scientists, Technologists and Students to help them learn about temperature and moisture sensors.

More specifically, it is to help them best use such sensors in measurements and other applications, to enable them to easily find  sensor technical and application details. The approach taken is to locate, describe and organize existing web-based information in an easy-to-access framework.